Let’s start to mingling with us - a group of dedicated wedding photographers and bridal consultants before your big day! Your happiness will be effortlessly magnified by great companions (yes, that’s us!), and we woud love to be mesmerised in your extraordinary moments spent with each other through the camera lens.

Other than celebrating your engagement with the traditional indoor photography, it is undeniably tempting to be indulged in an adventurous journey of destination wedding photoshooting, too. Simple, natural, romantic, vintage, rustic or contemporary with a tinge of creativity will be perfectly tailored to suit your uniqueness. We love traveling just as much as photography - throughout Malaysia, Korea, Bali, Australia and more. Nowhere is too far to travel, so take us with you.
We are glad to turn your personally hand-picked pictures into an album of beautiful records, so that you can unfold those everlasting chapters together with your special guests during the actual wedding day, and you know, it is impossible for people not to smile when love is in the air.
Here's some couples' photos for your reference, each concept/themed customized uniquely by our professional photographer, art director and couple's requirements. Each couple having their very-own-story captured and converted into set of photos.

Let's customized YOURS today! 

Pre-Wedding Photography​

Actual Wedding Photography​

Embracing the belief that you will wish to remember everything of your wedding forever, we specialise in capturing instant moments - the elegance of a wedding dress, the clink of a toast, the tears in a laughter, the joy of a smile, the intimacy of a kiss, the happiness of a hug; even the tiniest detail will be taken care of on your wedding day.

Emotions are sincerer and deeper when your expressions are spontaneously freezed on film. We will celebrate your special day by blending ourselves naturally amongst your guests, moving along freely with the flow of preparation and ceremony to document every irreplaceable essence of your wedding, just as you want to remember them.

We have photographed weddings all over Malaysia and abroad. If you need us, then it will be our greatest pleasure to be there for you as a friend, not just a photographer.